Saturday, February 20, 2010

Too Much Too Often

Last week in class a large part of the discussion was about Google Buzz and a bit about Microsoft Outlook Social Connector, the Office plug-in that is being introduced for Windows. Now, I am a Mac person, so most of the time I don't care what Microsoft does. You see, I use Office 2008 for Mac, because it is the standard in office software, and I need to use Word almost daily for both school and work. Beyond that I have a more or less love-hate attitude about Microsoft. When possible I try not to use their products.

Anyway, it seems like social networking software is all the rage again these days. I say that because a number of years ago I recall ICQ was the hot item. These days I think it is all but forgotten. Which brings me around to asking two questions.

1. How much of the current news on social networking is driven by fad rather than a necessity that we all must be connected before we are left in the dust?

2. Do we have to be so connected that our privacy threatens to be compromised?

My choice is based on what is most beneficial for me and my needs. I prefer to belong to LinkedIn, (I care not for using it with a new Microsoft plug-in) because it is more business oriented in nature, and I can more easily choose what information I want to share with the rest of the world. Any other systems that i might consider in the future would be chosen using the same prerequisites.

My privacy is more important to me than being socially connected to everyone all the time.

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