Thursday, February 11, 2010

Senior Adviser on Innovation…

What a great title. To me it also a little ambiguous. It's the job title of Alec Ross, who was named to the position to assist Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, after working on the Obama election campaign. He is known for his entrepreneurial spirit and aggressive drive, having launched his non-profit organization One Economy out of a basement.

I like entrepreneurs, having worked for two of them in my life, I know it can be exciting at times. Interestingly, I identify entrepreneurs with conservatives, since they are often responsible for new business growth. In his new role, Mr. Ross is responsible for figuring out ways to use new technology for problem solving; for example, to warn of natural disasters, to harness social networking to unite the youth of warring tribes, and to to make broadband and information technology a key part of policymaking.

I would be concerned about the line being crossed that allows technological problem solving to push us closer to a "big brother is watching" government run society. Right now that is my biggest concern. I think there is a strong tendency right now for government to want to involve itself in our private lives way too much.

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