Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Do I Name This Blog? (second attempt)

One reason why this is my second attempt is I couldn't decide what I wanted to name the blog. At first I wanted to call it "SaltyD's Blog", because for years now I have used "Saltydog" as a secondary e-mail address name. It's a reference to my early enlistment in the US Navy. So for 24 hours it was SaltyD's Blog.

Unfortunately, I noticed that other people use similar names and after running across some bogus posted material elsewhere on the Internet, I thought it better to find a title more appropriate for my purpose.

Because I have more or less survived as a graphic designer and been able to remain flexible to changing technology for so many years, I decided that "Ed Lawler Reinvented Again" is more to my liking, at least for the moment.

A second reason for repeated attempts to start a blog was whether or not I should use the logo graphic I picked for my freelance business. For the one day that I was SaltyD, I used a quickly altered graphic with a similar look. But for the sake of effective and consistent branding, it is better to use my own logo. So there it is, my "L", and my first official post.

What I will talk about is my experience in WEB105 class studying Web 2.0 Technologies in business. I'll also add my thoughts on trying to restart a freelance graphic design business from my home after working for 15 years for one employer, and my experiences in expanding my skills from print design, into becoming a web designer as well. From time to time I may comment on how I apply my graphics training into projects here at home.

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